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Common questions

  • How can I join the Exness partnership program?

    You can join the Exness Partnership Program by signing up on our website. You will need to choose which program you want to sign up under - Introducing Broker or Digital Affiliates. Once you sign up, a unique partner link will be created and available for you in your Partner Personal Area, for you to share with your network of contacts or publish on your website in order to attract clients.

  • What is the difference between partners and IBs?

    Partners are all clients who have signed up under our partnership programs - Introducing Broker program or Digital Affiliates program.

    Under both the above-mentioned programs, we have various levels of partnership that correspond to different reward programs and compensation.

    Introducing Broker or IB is a partnership level under the IB program which is an advanced level of partnership that comes with various perks such as higher payout and additional promotional materials, among others. You can learn more about achieving an IB status by clicking this link.

  • Can I receive rewards for my own transactions?

    Using your own partner link to create a new Personal Area is called auto referral and is strictly prohibited at Exness. Our system automatically detects users that use their own partner link in order to earn commission from their own transactions. Exness reserves the right to stop paying commission to clients who do this.

    Please follow the link for more information on partner links.

  • Can I lose my Introducing Broker partnership status?

    Once you are promoted to an Introducing Broker (IB), it is important that you maintain the account requirements in order to not lose the status. Our KAMs (Key Account Managers) monitor all accounts on a regular basis to ensure IBs are fulfilling all necessary requirements. If an account does not meet the requirements, it will be automatically downgraded to a lower status until the performance has improved.

  • Does Exness allow rebates?

    Yes, Exness provides an “auto rebate” by which Partners can pay a portion of their reward (even up to 100%) back to their clients. To learn more about rebates, read on about managing rebates and exploring the rebates area.

    To view your rebates payouts, you can also head to your Transaction History in your PA.

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